Roof Shingles

Most people know that the roof of their house is “shingled”, but many don’t know exactly what that means? ‘Shingle’ is the generic term for roofing material overlapped in sections that can consist of a variety of different materials. The material of the Shingle lends to the “style” of the appearance of your building.

Asphalt shingles are typically made of bitumen embedded in an organic or fiberglass mat and are usually covered with colored, man-made ceramic grit or tiny stones. These are embedded in the material to help protect the shingles from the sun’s damaging rays. Asphalt shingles are the most popular residential roofing material in the country. Styles vary from the basic three-tab shingle – slits in the front, so each piece looks like three small shingles to the more upscale choice of Architectural shingles. While the Architectural shingle is more expensive, they are thicker, longer-lasting, and don’t have slits where debris can collect. They also create a more textured look, which many people prefer.

Asphalt shingles are less expensive than slate or tile materials (see below), and the streamlined application and removal process lends to the affordability factor as well. Depending on the size of the roof, the experienced crew of Macomb Roofers, can remove the old shingles and apply the new very quickly. Most asphalt roofs have strong fire resistance factors, while some types are suitable for hail regions just like Macomb Michigan, and available with wind warranties up to 130 mph. The life span will vary with the quality of the asphalt shingle, however, few asphalt roofs last longer than 20 years and usually require periodic cleaning due to moss and algae growth.

Metal shakes or shingles also have a long lifespan. They are also higher in cost. Because of the flexibility of metal, they can be manufactured to lock together, providing durability, reducing assembly time, and are highly suitable for roofs of 3/12 pitch or greater.

Slate shingles have a high cost, but have a long life expectancy as well – anywhere from 80 to 400 years. They can come from any number of quarries around the world and the cost will reflect the beautiful, unique elements found in the slate selected.

Wood shingles are shingles sawn from bolts of wood. All wood shingles benefit by being allowed to breathe (dry out from below). Shake are also wood shingles, however they are split from bolts of wood, rather than sawn from the bolts, which generally gives the shingle a rougher appearance. Macomb Roofers knows the benefits and disadvantages associated with the varied types of wood shingles. While traditional and beautiful wood shingles are no longer as popular because quality has declined, and concerns about fire resistance remain. Shakes are thick and have a rough, split surface; shingles are thinner and sawn flat. Both types must be installed over spaced boards, not solid sheathing, so the roofing can dry. In dry climates, shakes and shingles perform well; some shakes have up to a 50-year warranty. Thicker shakes can be used where hail is severe. Because wood shingles are not fire-resistant unless treated, some building codes prohibit them. Thinner products can be damaged by hail and in wet climates, wood must be cleaned periodically to remove moss and lichen. Trust Macomb Roofers to professionally service the wood shingles on your Macomb area residence or commercial building.

Rubber shingles are becoming a “green” alternative to asphalt, slate, shake or tile shingles. Made primarily of rubber, the shingles are often made of recycled tire-derived rubber. The shingles also contain binders, UV (ultraviolet light) inhibitors and color, and are designed to last at least 50 years in most cases.

Asbestos shingles have a very long lifespan, are fireproof and low in cost, but because of health concerns are now rarely used.

No matter which type of shingle your Macomb area roof currently has, or you would like it to have, Macomb Roofers can handle every aspect of your roof. To request a FREE inspection, visit