Roofing Maintenance

In Macomb, Michigan, it is extremely important to keep up with regular roofing maintenance to help preserve your property’s value. Macomb Roofers can schedule your annual roofing maintenance evaluation, to ensure your residential or commercial roof is in optimal condition, free of any leaks, missing shingles, damaged shingles, ice damage, snow damage, and water damage.

Most managers of commercial facilities would not hesitate to agree that regular roof inspections and routine maintenance drive down the overall cost of building ownership, reduce leak frequency and severity, and extend roof life. For Commercial property owners, this can also reduce management inefficiencies and improve the bottom-line. The same line of thinking could certainly be applied to residential property owners as well!

Unfortunately, by the time many property owners consider implementing a roof-maintenance plan, it’s because they are dealing with a roof-replacement crisis. By that time, it’s too late to effectively fund and implement roof maintenance and repair opportunities on the existing roof. But it’s the perfect time to effectively implement roof maintenance programs for your NEW roof.

Annual inspections and routine maintenance are the key components in preventing major expenditures for preventable repairs and premature roof replacement.

Start by taking an inventory of the roof for each property, including the following pertinent information:

  • date of installation;
  • installing contractor;
  • system manufacturer;
  • warranties;
  • type of roof system, insulation, and roof deck;
  • leak history;
  • repair history, dates, type, and cost of repairs.

Next, contact Macomb Roofers to conduct Visual and Non-destructive inspections:
Visual inspections should occur annually (at a minimum), but twice a year if the roof is older and/or is subject to traffic. Each visual inspection should include:

  • an examination of the roof system, flashings, sheet-metal flashings, drains, and gutters;
  • an evaluation of observed conditions that might affect the long-term performance of the roof system;
  • documentation of deficiencies requiring corrective action;
  • other information needed for developing long-range preventive maintenance (PM) needs.

Non-destructive inspections should never replace visual inspections. Non-destructive measures include infrared, nuclear, and capacitance tests. These inspections can confirm any presence of moisture, locate the start of small leaks, determine the need for full or partial re-roofing projects, and establish the baseline for the roof management program.

You can trust Macomb Roofers to be well-trained and knowledgeable with the design, installation, advantages, anticipated failures and corresponding repairs specific to the roof system being surveyed. Additionally, Macomb Roofers will provide documentation supporting the conditions observed, allowing the Property manager to create an accurate and detailed roof plan.

From this detailed roof plan, a Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule can then be generated. This will start with the inspection reports and also depend on the roof’s age and condition, environmental conditions, rooftop traffic, sensitivity of the occupants, size, and roof accessibility. Property Managers should additionally consider:

  • Conducting warranty surveys before a contractor or manufacturer warranty expires;
  • Performing housekeeping surveys on most commercial roof areas monthly. Housekeeping surveys should include cleaning out roof drains, replacing misplaced drain covers, removing debris, applying caulk where needed, sealing seam voids, and filling pitch pans;
  • Schedule corrective steps or repairs with Macomb Roofers as soon as possible after the survey to minimize unnecessary costs.

The data collected can help Property Managers identify the opportunities to make repairs, perform maintenance or plan for re-roofing. For the Commercial Property Manager, this will also improve communications with upper management, the maintenance staff, as well as with Macomb Roofers.

While some time and money are necessary when establishing a roof-management program, the creation and management of an effective program will allow for roofs that perform better, for longer periods of time and cost the Property Owner less in the long run. Additionally, the cost of a roof-maintenance plan could quickly reach a break-even point if the life of the roof can be extended by one year. If the plan extends a roof’s life by two or three years, roof expenditures can be reduced by a multiple of its costs.

Contact Macomb Roofers today to schedule your FREE inspection. There’s no better time to make sure your roof is properly protecting everything underneath it! Visit now.