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Residential roofing contractors in Macomb County Michigan

Chances are, you haven’t had your roof inspected lately. It’s one of those things you might ignore until it becomes a visible problem. Sometimes, though, your roof can be deteriorating without you realizing it – then, it can cost more money to repair or replace, if the issue gets worse.  It could be you have loose or missing shingles, a roof leak, or holes. No matter what the issue is, it’s important to have it assessed by a licensed professional roofing company such as Macomb Roofers. When you’re searching for reliable and dependable residential roofing contractors in Macomb County, Michigan, Macomb Roofers are the ones to call.

We specialize in providing the very best in roofing materials, expertise and new roof installations. Are you looking for:

  • Competitive pricing, discount deals and fast credit approvals
  • Durable roofing solutions, including GAF and CertainTeed approved materials
  • Lots of colors and roofing shingle styles to choose from
  • No leak guarantee

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Cold weather can bring your roof down

When winter hits Michigan, your residential roof can take a big hit due to heavy snow, wind and ice accumulation.  These conditions can damage your roof and cause shingles to fall off – a dangerous situation for you and your family. It’s too cold and risky to climb your roof – that’s why you need to call Macomb Roofers right away. Our roofing professionals are licensed and insured with all the right equipment and safety gear to climb your roof safely. We’ll do an interior and exterior roof inspection immediately to assess any roof damage. Next, we’ll sit down with you to determine your best fix options – whether it’s roofing maintenance, repairs or a new roof installation. Our administrative staff are experts in determining whether you qualify for homeowner’s insurance assistance, and what the best financing options are for your budget.

Macomb Roofers care

We take pride in our work – and always give you the one-on-one customer service you expect. We put our customers first in Macomb County Michigan – as evidenced by our many referrals from past customers, family members and friends. If you have a roofing emergency, we will call you back right away and send our roofing experts to your home to assess the situation. We’ll put a plan of action into effect, so you won’t have to go without a safe roof or covering for your home, in the case of a fire or weather emergency. Year after year, we’ve been voted #1 in Customer Service, Products and Quality. We take the time to make sure you’re totally happy with your new roof – your satisfaction is always guaranteed. To us, you’re like one of the family once you choose our roofing contractors. We’ll answer all your questions and provide full roofing services, from free consultation and inspection, to installation, city approvals and cleanup. We’ll always follow up after installation to ensure you’re totally pleased with your new roof.

Call us today

If you want the best roofing contractor in Macomb County MI, call Macomb Roofers now at 586-930-4033. We’ll schedule your free roof inspection and home assessment within just a few days. Whether you need roof ice removal, new shingles, roofing maintenance, tear-off, re-roof, or new roof installation, we’ve got you covered. Our roofing professionals are knowledgeable on all the latest city and state codes, and our warehouse has all the latest shingles and roofing styles. We look forward to becoming your go-to residential roofing company in Macomb County. To learn more about our roofing products and services, we invite you to check out our website at https://macombroofers.com. We’ve got helpful tips regarding how to identify roofing damage, photos of recent projects, testimonials, and other handy information you’ll want to know. Whether it’s brutally cold outside, or very hot, bad weather can wreak havoc on your roof and home’s insulation. Macomb Roofers can fix any roof damage and have your new roof installed in a few days. Call us and we’ll work with your schedule and finances so you won’t have to worry about a leaking or damaged roof. We’re your neighborhood roofing contractor in Macomb County Michigan.

Let the Sunshine In – Choosing a Skylight in Macomb, Michigan

Considering ways to add style and light to your home or commercial building, while increasing energy efficiency? Add a Skylight!

Skylights can add over 30% more light to a room than an ordinary window, increase the re-sale value of your home, expand and improve the appearance of any room, and still save energy. A skylight can be placed in rooms that don’t have access to exterior walls (think bathrooms, dens, interior offices, even laundry rooms) and can achieve a far different effect both aesthetically speaking and in terms of how much heat is allowed in during the winter and kept out during the summer. Strategic placement of a skylight can help make the long winters in Macomb, Michigan much easier to endure.

Macomb Roofers can help you select the right Skylight for your home or commercial space, determine the proper placement and provide precision installation to achieve a leak-proof improvement to your home.

To help you select your Skylight, Macomb Roofers will discuss the myriad of skylight options available, including:

  • The design of the skylight – flat, bubble or tubular;
  • the material of the skylight itself;
  • glass or acrylic
  • energy efficiency – insulated, glazed, tinted;
  • the frame – aluminum or wood;
  • the ventilation options – manual or electronic mechanics;
  • the size – what appears to be a large skylight up close, may not seem nearly large enough when it’s placed in the expanse of the ceiling;
  • the treatment in the skylight window – built-in blinds or shades that will allow you to control the amount of light and heat that enters the room.

Macomb Roofers will then consider the aspects of your roof including the slope of your roof, the frame structure, the roofing materials used, the position of the skylight on the roof in regards to the room it is designed to impact, and the direction the skylight will face for curb appeal as well as light access and heat build-up. Each of the aspects must be properly addressed to determine how the Skylight should best be installed.

The slope of your roof, the frame structure and the roofing material will determine the type of flashing and installation procedure. If these aspects aren’t of “standard” spec, additional costs may be incurred for proper, leak-proof installation.

The position of the skylight in regards to the room it will service will dictate whether or not a “chase” needs to be included in the installation. A chase is developed to channel light from the skylight through the attic and ceiling into the room itself. This can also result in additional costs for the installation.

To ensure the curb-appeal and re-sale value of your Macomb Michigan building is improved by the addition of the skylight, Macomb Roofers will recommend installation of the skylight to align with an existing doorway, window, or other feature of the structure to create a cohesive line.

To address the extreme weather conditions in Macomb, Michigan, Macomb Roofers will probably recommend glazing to reduce condensation build-up, as well as ensure during the installation process, that channeling exists to carry away any condensation that does accumulate.

Once Macomb Roofers have discussed ALL of these factors with you, you can make an informed decision about the best Skylight option for your home or commercial building.
Contact MacombRoofers.com today to schedule an appointment to discuss how to add light, energy efficiency and increased value to your home or commercial building today!