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Roof Repair Macomb County MI Fixing minor roof repairs

Roof Repair Macomb County MI Fixing minor roof repairs

As soon as you notice imperfections in your home’s roof, you need to address them as soon as possible. Here’s a short how-to guide for taking care of minor roof repairs:


Missing or damaged shingles


If see any shingles that are loose or damaged, they need to be removed immediately. You need to carefully pry the shingle from the nail and properly dispose of both. It can be dangerous to climb your roof without a heavy-duty ladder. Also, you need to use a flat pry-bar to loosen the shingle and pull out the nail and shingle.


Tips to remember:


Remove damaged or loose shingles in cool weather.

Carefully remove the adhesive under the shingles before prying off.

Use proper safety gear including protective eyewear, boots and gloves. Immediately and properly dispose of damaged nails and shingles to prevent injuries.


If you suspect a roof leak, there are a few things you need to look out for:

  • Water pooling and condensation are signs of
  • Check out skylights, plumbing vents, chimneys, valleys, dormers, and eaves for signs of
  • If your energy bill has gone way up lately, your roof may be inefficient in keeping air and moisture
  • Check for holes on your roof and
  • Fixing roof leaks


It’s advisable to consult with a professional, licensed roofing contractor to do large roof leak repairs. They have the proper equipment and safety gear needed to safely fix roof leaks and perform re-roofs and/or new roof installations.


Roof obstructions


If you notice ice or other debris on your roof, it can weigh it down and cause serious damage. You should remove it immediately. It may be very heavy, so it makes sense to call a professional roofing company in your area. They typically provide snow dam removal, ice removal and debris removal roofing services. They can provide you a free consultation which includes an interior and exterior roof inspection. Roof obstructions can add up to lots of extra money if they aren’t addressed right away. If you can safely remove the obstructions yourself, do so as carefully and quickly as possible.


Roof bubbling or blistering


If there is evidence of roof bubbling or blistering, your shingles likely need to be replaced. Unless you are a licensed GAF or CertainTeed roofing contractor, it’s best to call a credentialed roofing company. They have the personnel, training and knowledge needed to do the best job possible in terms of roof replacement, roofing maintenance, and shingle repair. If only a few shingles are damaged, roofing repair may be an option for you, however, if the number of missing, damaged, loose or blistering shingles is significant, you probably need a total roof replacement.


Minor roof repairs may be fixable, but call a licensed roofer just in case


In some cases, DIY is an option at your home, even for a few minor roofing repairs. If you have any doubt or questions, though, it’s advisable to call the best roof repair company in Macomb County MI so you can address the problem immediately.


It can be very hazardous to perform roof repairs if you don’t have a durable, heavy duty ladder or other proper safety equipment. Falling shingles, rusty nails, and other roofing materials can do serious damage to your property and people in the area. Macomb Roofers have been safely repairing roofs and performing new roof installations in Macomb Michigan for the past 20 years. Our roofing professionals are talented, experienced and experts in the areas of roofing repairs, replacement and maintenance. We offer attractive financing plans, easy credit applications, and personalized one-on-one attention during each of our roofing projects and repairs.

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