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Roofing Inspections

A regular roofing inspection will save money and reduce stress and headaches. Our Roofers will conduct thorough exterior and interior inspections of your home or business roof. Our process includes a lengthy checklist, looking for any signs of defect or imperfections. Upon completion, we provide you with our expert recommendations on what, if anything, you may need to do to ensure your roof is in exceptional condition. We take a preventive approach to your roof, and won’t recommend a roofing replacement unless a repair will not resolve the issue and replacement is absolutely necessary. Scheduling your FREE commercial or roofing inspection is as easy as calling +1 586 930 4033.


Most building owners would agree that regular roof inspections and routine maintenance drive down the overall cost of building ownership, reduce leak frequency and severity, and extend the life of the roof. Most people, however, aren’t too comfortable walking around their roof! Particularly if the slope is a bit steep or when the weather isn’t overly cooperative. However, when that roof inspection is conducted FREE of charge, with no obligations, there’s no reason not to call Macomb Roofers today to schedule an inspection.

Macomb Roofers is qualified to conduct roof inspections that will determine the condition and integrity of your roof, identify any immediate issues that may need to be addressed, and assess when your roof will need to be replaced. The inspectors at Macomb Roofers have special procedures in place that allow them to determine just how long your roof will last without making a single hole or removing a single shingle in order to make their assessment! While it might seem to the lay-person or a do-it-yourself enthusiast that the best way to conduct a thorough roof examination would require one to actually pull up part of the roof to get a better look, please know that Macomb Roofers will not have to make any holes or diminish the integrity of your roof just to see that it WAS in good shape. Our highly trained Roof Inspectors have techniques that won’t even require them to touch the surface of the roof itself to determine a roof’s integrity. For example, infrared rays can be used to locate parts of a roof that are at higher or lower temperatures than the rest of the roof. These “hot spots” can show a roof inspector just exactly where heat is escaping and where potential issues may exist.

To provide you with as much information as possible, Macomb Roofers will inspect for:

  • Rust spots or cracked caulk on flashing;
  • Examine shingles for any that are missing, cracked, curled, torn, or warped –
  • Buckling , broken, or blistering shingles;
  • Check around pipes and roof penetrations to make sure they are sealed and in good shape –
  • Rubber-Boots surrounding vent pipes that are cracked and worn;
  • Missing or damaged chimney cap(s);
  • Check for dark patches or growth –
  • Signs of decay underneath masses of moss and lichen;
  • Stains that are not simply cosmetic in origination;
  • Inspect gutters for sagging, signs of leaks, and accumulation of granules –
  • Colored grit piles in gutters
  • Check flashing for damage or for inadequate coverage;
  • Look under eaves and overhangs for damage that might mean water leakage;
  • Look for any open seams or joints that could lead to leaking;
  • Look for popped or rusted nails, or stains around nails;
  • Check for unevenness, sagging, or unsound areas;
  • Inspect sources of roof ventilation for clogs, proper ventilation;
  • Look inside the attic for signs of leaks, dark spots, holes, or sagging sheathing.

Additionally, Macomb Roofers will provide documentation supporting the conditions observed, allowing you to determine the best course of action today, as well as to plan for the future. Contact Macomb Roofers today to schedule your free inspection. It’s the perfect time to make sure everything under your roof is protected!