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Roofing Replacement

If significant damage has been done to your roof from a storm or years of neglect, the decision to replace your roof may already have been made for you! Otherwise the decision to re-roof is a bit more difficult. Macomb Roofers will provide you with the best information to make that decision, taking into consideration the current roofing material, style of roof, and amount of any damage. We can perform tear-offs, re-roofs and roofing re-decks typically in one day. And the life-time guarantee on all industry-rated materials and labor will make you comfortable with your decision to replace your roof.

Many people think that installing a new roof as simple as nailing up some shingles. The truth is, a properly installed roof is a complex system of components that work together to keep water (and the damage it can do) outside of your home or commercial building. Competent Roofers spend years learning their trade. They train long hours to learn how to properly handle and install roofing materials, identify risks, keep themselves safe, and follow mandatory building regulations.

There are many benefits to having a roof that is in peak condition. A sturdy roof will keep out the rain and moisture ensuring that the walls of your building, as well as the items inside are dry and safe. A weak roof can develop leaks during heavy rains causing extensive discomfort, damaging your prized possessions, and resulting in significant expense. A new eco-friendly roof can also incorporate solar panels or improve the insulation of your home. For many, their home is their primary investment as well. The best way to protect the structure of the house and increase its value is to ensure that the roof is in good condition.

It is in your best interest to have your roof inspected twice a year – in spring and fall. Additionally, most roofs need to be replaced after 20 to 50 years depending on the roofing material used. While minor damage can be repaired and patched up, if the roof has become worn out and/or damaged in large areas, it is best to replace it before you spend time, money, and effort in repairing the damaged drywalls of the interior or repainting the house. If you’re considering a remodel, you will want to replace your old roof first and then attend to the remodeling of your home. That way any time, effort and money spent on the remodel will not be wasted due to rain, snow or damage from any debris from to a faulty roof.

Replacing your roof is a very big step both physically and financially. If you are unsure about whether your roofing issue needs just a quick patching or a completely new roof, ask Macomb Roofers to conduct a FREE inspection and they will give you an honest answer based on the severity of any problems. A new roof can be quite expensive, so you will want to be sure that it is completely necessary before spending any money.

Below are several things to consider while determining when or if to replace your roof:

How Many Years Have You Had Your Roof?

Life expectancies of roofs tend to vary depending on material. Asphalt roofs tend to have about twenty years of life. Recently installed shingles usually have a life of twenty years, perhaps a bit longer.

Replaced or Resurfaced?

Will the new roof be completely new or will it be built over your old one? Building codes today allow for no more than two separate layers of roofing. This is because of building standards and safety hazards. When you are dealing with more than one roof over your head a collapsed roof can happen more easily. Macomb Roofers inspection will let you know whether your existing roof is ruined, or perhaps curling up at the edges, making for an uneven work space. If so, they will advise that the entire roof be removed in order to start building a new one.

What Kind of Material Do You Want?
Maybe the reason that you have to replace your roof now is because your roof consists of poor quality materials or materials inappropriate materials for the environmental conditions. Different types of materials work better with certain homes. You don’t need to automatically opt for asphalt shingles anymore. There are a wide variety of materials to choose from and you can select the material that makes sense for your taste, your home, and your wallet. To learn more about the different materials visit www.macombroofers.com/materials.

And roof replacements don’t only have to be done in the spring or summer! The weather conditions do not have to be perfectly dry or even warm! Macomb Roofers has the knowledge and man-power to quickly and properly replace your roof in any type of weather. While any partially installed areas must be perfectly dry before any covering layers are installed, Macomb Roofers knows that the best way to handle a roofing project is to have the right people on the roof. They can knock out the many different work phases of the project in hours, instead of each phase taking days. You’ll experience less inconvenience and time with a home “under construction” – just another benefit to hiring Macomb Roofers.

The Roof Replacement Process

  • Remove all existing shingles, deposit them in a roll-off, and remove.
  • If the roof is in good condition, any minor repairs are made;
  • If the roof is NOT in good condition, bad wood is replaced with plywood or appropriately sized boards;
  • Upon your authorization, ice dam protection will be installed creating a barrier of synthetic materials to prevent ice from backing up in the gutters. If ice backs up in the gutters, the water that forms when the ice melts will not drain away, but permeate under the shingles and cause damage to the inside of your house;
  • Asphalt paper will be applied;
  • Shingles will be layered – starting at the eaves and working upward;
  • Flashing will be installed around all areas where leaks might come into the house – against the chimney, stack vents, etc.;
  • Finally, the ridge vent will be installed.

Ultimately, your best option is to choose Macomb Roofers, a professional roofing contractor who can do the job efficiently and safely. GAF factory-certified Master Elite™ Macomb Roofers is state-licensed, adequately insured, has a proven reputation, and all roofing technicians receive ongoing training to ensure superior installation.
Contact Macomb Roofers today at www.macombroofers.com to schedule your FREE Inspection.