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Every season we experience unpredictable weather in Michigan, including severe wind, hail storms and heavy snow. Macomb Roofers can expertly assess your roof for weather-related damage, and make all of the necessary repairs to restore your roof to optimal condition. And should you experience a roofing emergency (whether or not weather-related) Macomb Roofers has an emergency response team available year-round to respond to your call and address ANY roofing emergency.

Snow and Ice

When snow accumulates and melts, then refreezes, the result can be a roof ice dam. If ice backs up in the gutters, the water that forms when the ice melts cannot drain away, but rather permeates under the shingles. The weight of the ice places undue stress on your roof, resulting in holes, leaks, or loss of shingles which can result in damage to the interior of your residence or commercial building as well as the roof. Additionally, roof ice dams can also result in the formation of huge icicles which can lead to unfortunate accidents damaging property or people. Macomb Roofers has state-of-the-art ice dam prevention equipment to help eliminate this hazardous problem from forming on your roof. . We can create a barrier of synthetic materials to prevent ice from backing up in the gutters, saving you time, undue stress, and money.

Shoveling the sidewalks and walkways at your home or business is always necessary! It’s a job that you can either handle on your own or hire-out. But who wants to climb a ladder in freezing temperatures to shovel off a roof? This type of shoveling should definitely be hired-out and Macomb Roofers is prepared! We can remove the snow from your rooftop and eliminate the heavy weight that accumulates with the repeated snow falls through-out the winter. We are equipped and insured to quickly remove the snow from the roof of your building; protecting you from injury, your roof from collapsing, and the contents of your building from damage.


Sun, Wind, and Water

We know the ultra-violet rays from the sun can damage our skin, but did you know they can damage your shingles. If your gutters have piles of colored grit in them, then the protective covering of your shingles has been worn away and is no longer serving to cover the roof shingles surface, shielding them from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Your shingles can quickly break down, allowing for leaks and damage.

The severe winds experienced in the Macomb, MI area can also result in poor shingle quality by causing loose or lifted shingles. Then water can easily get in and do damage to your residence or commercial property from the top floor to the bottom, if not addressed quickly.

Severe wind damage typically result in chaos, including downed trees, branches, and power lines. NEVER touch a downed power line or a tree or branch that is near or in contact with a downed power line. In the Macomb MI area first contact DTE Energy at (800) 477-4747 or via their website: www.dteenergy.com, to report the downed line, then contact Macomb Roofers to request emergency repair assistance.

  • Our emergency response crew will assess your situation and come prepared with tarps, boards and all the materials necessary to provide temporary protection from the current weather.
  • Then, if shingles need to be replaced to restore the functionality and/or appearance of your roof, we’ll schedule the follow-up necessary to quickly secure your roof.

Macomb Roofers has the knowledge and man-power to quickly and properly service your roof in any type of weather. Macomb Roofers knows that the best way to handle a roofing project is to have the right people on the roof. They knock out the many different work phases of the project in hours, instead of each phase taking days. Another benefit to hiring Macomb Roofers – you’ll experience less inconvenience and time with a home “under construction”.

If your roof is damaged, whether or not it’s due to the weather, you can call Macomb Roofers at +1 586 930 4033 or go to www.macombroofers.com, day or night, and we will respond quickly.