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What makes us stand apart from other roofing companies in the area?

Reliability – you can count on us to put you first.

Integrity – we live up to our reputation for being fair and honest.

Satisfaction – customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Guaranteed – all our roofing materials are guaranteed to be strong, safe, and durable.

Give us a call at call us at 586-930-4033 for a no-cost home inspection and estimate. We’ll determine
your immediate roofing needs and get you started with an in-depth consultation, home energy
evaluation and budget assessment. We look forward to serving you!

Why Choose Us

Reliable roofing company

We’re proud to be your top neighborhood roofing company.

Peace of mind

We guarantee our products are up to code and efficient.

Lifetime warranty

We stand by our products and labor with a lifetime warranty on everything.

Roofing financing

We work with your budget and finances to come up with an affordable roofing plan.

We ensure your residential project plan is followed, step-by-step, to guarantee success:


Our residential roofing professionals will examine your roof for debris, ice and snow.


We also look out for rotting wood, termite damage and other deterioration, and remove problem areas.


We assess your gutters and clear them of leaves and debris.


Before we start work, we install ice and water shields as well as tarps and boards to protect your property.

Our Projects

With over 30 years of experience, Oakes Roofing is Michigan’s leading provider of roofing.

Our Projects Locations

You are our priority

We cover all your bases at Macomb Roofers, from initial consultation and inspection, to help
with insurance claims, city approvals, financing and cleanup. We won’t leave you hanging on
the phone for long periods of time – we put you first, every time. When you have questions,
we have answers. Our knowledgeable roofing advisors have the training, expertise, tools and
experience needed to turn your residential roofing dream into a reality. Tired of high heating
bills due to a roofing leak? We can take care of it. In Macomb County, Michigan, Macomb
Roofers are first for quality, performance and pricing.

We only use the best shingles and materials, and have our owner on-hand to discuss the
details with you beforehand. Looking for specific colors and roofing styles? We can help you
find the perfect roof for your home and family. Budget is never an issue with our company –
we have zero down plans, affordable financing programs, and no-interest loans to get you
started. Call 586-726-2300 to talk to a roofing professional that knows you don’t want to
climb your roof in subzero weather. A new roof will breathe new life into your current home –
let us show you the possibilities.